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 Instantly give your concrete driveway, carport, patio or verandah a stunning new look with...

Rock Crete Concrete Resurfacing 

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Showrooms

Rock Crete is a premium quality cement/polymer spray on concrete resurfacing system that provides longer lasting performance than ordinary concrete paints.

Rock Crete Concrete Resurfacing bonds permanently to your concrete and will not peel, lift or bubble like inferior paving paints from hardware stores.

Discover the benefits of Rock Crete Concrete Resurfacing...

Bonds permanently to your concrete – Rock Crete bonds permanently to your concrete because it is a not a paint.

Rock Crete is a specially formulated cement/polymer concrete coating system that forms a permanent bond to your concrete…GUARANTEED!

Spray On Granite is resistant to hot vehicle tyres making it the ideal concrete driveway resurfacing system.

Oil and stain resistant – Spray On Granite is sealed with a clear protective sealer to prevent staining form oil, grease and chemicals. Just a quick hose down will keep your Spray On Granite looking like new.

None slip – Spray On Granite displays a light textured finish and is much safer to walk on than high gloss paving paint.

Longer lasting – Spray On Granite is a mixture of Portland cement, fine aggregates and polymers that cures at over twice the compressive strength of regular concrete.

Discover the benefits of Rock Crete Concrete Resurfacing...

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